African Dream

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Am a slave of my own freedom

i woke up a dream,
Africa without hate,
family without troubles,
Africa without corruption,

i woke up a dream,
were freedom was freedom,
and success was success,
and Africa was my pride and joy,

I woke up today,
were Africans are slaves of our own freedom,
were hearts beat to the rhythm of uncertainty,
and were the poor will always be poor or will they???

Am a slave of my own freedom,
Am a shame of my peoples struggles,
I am a confused African,
Searching for a purpose but not embracing my past,

am a slave of my own freedom,
Were you wear what you like,
but your choices are make by your society,
So what freedom do you have???

Am a slave of my own freedom,
were my intellectual ability and choices are made by my lack of education,
not just education in school, but education to grow, learn and adapt,
no man can be the same, at the same time, on a different year,

Am a slave of my own freedom,
were African hate Africans, just because one works harder,
why exert xenophobic attacks on each other,
and you call me your Sister, Brother???

Am a slave of my own freedom,
ready to break the chains, like the struggles of colonial slaves,
Who am I you ask? I am the dream…..
Your dream, my dream, our dream,

I am the freedom of my own slave
I work harder, try harder,
“You can be anything” those are the wise words from your mama,
let Africa shine and reach the stars like Obama,

I am the freedom of my own slave
I never let me down when am in need,
I am the African Dream,

Kadokowaza Mushinge Chanda © 2009


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